Glen Farm
Singers Glen, VA
Welcome to Singers Glen, VA and Glen Farm
Nestled in the beautiful Western Shenandoah Valley, Glen Farm is a family run
operation focused on the production of Vegetables, Hay, Eggs  and Livestock.

Our Philosophy: We believe in the advancement of agriculture through local
community supported endeavors and the promotion of fresh locally grown

We started our Dexter Cattle herd for Beef, Dairy and resale.  Click the  "Dexter
Cattle" menu button above for further details.

We are currently looking for a few additional head of cattle to grow the
herd.  If you have any information regarding the sale of Dexter cattle,
please contact us.
"The earth belongs to God and He chooses His stewards who inherit it.  
It applies in every generation and implies that we should care for it so that
it is a blessing to inherit."

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Annual Hoe Down

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